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Welcome to Mirage Lines The leading online and telephone sportsbook with over 26 years experience in the wagering industry. Mirage Lines is a unique service offering outstanding customer service, unchallenged Software and Technology in the online gambling industry, and undisputable experience. All this added up will get you the ultimate online gamming experience!

Please read this Online Privacy Policy carefully so that you understand our privacy practices relating to information we gather through this Web site.

Mirage Lines respects the privacy of visitors to our site and that of our members. Mirage Lines will never sell or share any information provided. Any personal information collected is held for exclusive INTERNAL use of our staff. Mirage Lines will never release any information to any third party without prior authorization by the visitor or member unless to comply by law, to enforce our Visitor Agreement, or to protect the rights, property or safety of visitors to our site, our customers, the public or Mirage Lines

There are two categories of information gathered by Mirage Lines. One would be information that is provided by visitors to the web site when signing up or performing transactions. The other is information provided by visitors as they navigate through our site.

When you purchase our service, or become a member with Mirage Lines the following information will be requested:

  • Full Name
  • Best Contact Number (Mobile, Home or Business number)
  • Active Email Address

Any other information supplied to Mirage Lines staff is entirely up to the visitors or members discretion.

By providing your email address you agree upon us sending you from time to time emails on updates, new products and services available, offers or promotions or weekly newsletters that we believe you’ll find of interest. If you do not wish to receive certain information or none at all or to be removed from an email newsletter please inform our Customer Service Department at
1 800 466 0535.

Visitors that provide their email or contact information while navigating through our site will be subject to receiving emails on updates, new products and services available, offers or promotions that we believe you’ll find of interest or weekly newsletters.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change without prior notice. By using Mirage Lines, you agree that your visit to our site, and any dispute over privacy, is governed by the then-current version of the Online Privacy Policy and our Visitor Agreement.

Security Policy
Client agrees to take appropriate measures to protect his/her Client PIN, Password and other relevant information given to the client from Mirage Lines. It is in the interest of the client to guard his or her client pin and password from unauthorized usage. Mirage Lines does not recommend allowing more than one person to wager on an account.
If the Client PIN and Password are lost, the client agrees to immediately contact Mirage Lines.


Mirage Lines has established these basic rules and regulations to protect our clientele and our business. 

  • All phone calls are recorded into our system. In the event of a dispute on a wager or any issue, all parties agree to be bound by the recording.
  • Any attempt to defraud Mirage Lines by any player or member will have their account terminated immediately without any legal responsibility against Mirage Lines
  • All rules and regulations or policies are subject to change at management’s discretion without prior notice.
  • Mirage Lines reserves the right to terminate any player or account of any member at any time. Any unused portion of the deposit will be reimbursed to the member.
  • Each client is required to identify himself by his/her account number and password on each call to the Mirage Lines Staff to access any information.
  • You must be at least 21 years of age to join Mirage Lines.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse any bet, from anyone, at any time.
  • All client information given to Mirage Lines will be kept confidential. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Visitor Agreement for more information.
  • Mirage Lines is not held responsible for clients who disclose their password and account number to other parties.
  • We recommend members to please review and/or print a copy of these rules and regulations along with our Privacy Policy and Visitor Agreement in order to avoid misconceptions and discussions at a later time and keep them at an easily accessible place.
  • If you are totally dissatisfied with the service you have received, we will consider your case and refunds of any unused portion of your deposit will be at management’s discretion.
  •  It is recommended you may only participate in any gambling events if it is legal for you to do so according to the laws that apply in the jurisdiction from where you are connecting or calling. You must understand and accept that we are unable to provide you any legal advice or assurances.
  • Mirage Lines is fully licensed and bonded provider in Costa Rica.
  • By starting an account or initiating business with Mirage Lines you are agreeing and are subject to these rules and regulations.

Sport Wagering Rules

  1. All sporting events must be played on the date unless otherwise specified. If an event is postponed and/or rescheduled, that event will automatically constitute "no action", which means all money for that event will be refunded. Exception: Wagers on NASCAR, Tennis, Soccer and Golf events remain active for up to 1 week after the scheduled start date.
  2. There will be no refunds; changing of plays or switching teams after an official wager has been placed.
  3. After the telephone wager is made, the respective clerk will then repeat the information back to the player, this is called a "read back". During that conversation, if the bets and amounts are correct, the player will say, "That’s correct", and will repeat the assigned account number and password. Without a read back bets are not official.
  4. All phone calls will be recorded. In the event of a dispute all parties agree to be bound by the recording.
  5. When wagering on the Internet all players are strongly urged to print a hard copy of their pending plays. This print out will include a ticket number for all wagers. The ticket number is binding to all parties and is the only evidence used to settle disputes. No claims will be investigated with out a hard copy of the pending plays information.
  6. Mirage Lines reserves the right to delete, refuse or limit any wager, whether a win, loss or draw. If there is evidence of an obvious line error, past posted play or exceeding the dollar amount of the wagering limits, offenders will be held responsible. Further measures will be taken if this occurs on several occasions.
  7. The winner of a wager is determined by the official result of the game or event.
  8. Wagers on totals include overtime periods.
  9. Wagers on halftimes include overtime periods.
  10. Minimum and maximum wagers are subject to change.
  11. All payoff odds are calculated on the odds in effect at the time of the wager.
  12. Our rules rarely change, but occasionally conditions dictate that certain rules must be modified. These rule changes are noted on our website immediately.
  13. Mirage Lines offers lines on almost every important event around the world including lines on sports and events such as NASCAR, Tennis, Golf, etc. Also, we offer 1 st and 2 nd Halves wagers on all Basketball and Football games. Wagers of this nature are considered "props" at Mirage Lines and offered in addition to our normal wagering menu. Rules and restrictions on these and any bets are at management’s discretion and may also be monitored by the agent through our agent software interface.  It is the agents responsibility to create the specs on the min/max amount per game, per wager etc.. on each of his players account.

General Football Wagering Regulations

  • A game must go at least 55 minutes for 2nd half and game wagers to be official.
  • The 1st Half must be completed for applicable wagers to be considered action.
  • Overtime is included in the full game and 2nd half totals, sides or propositions, except 4th quarter propositions.
  • Las Vegas rules apply to any situation not outlined here.

General Basketball Wagering Regulations

  • A game must go at least 43 minutes in NBA and 35 for WNBA and NCAA for game wagers to be official
  • The 1st Half must be completed and the 2nd half must have no more than 5 minutes left for applicable
    wagers to be considered action
  • Overtime is included in the full game and 2nd half totals, sides or propositions, except 4th quarter propositions
  • Las Vegas rules apply to any situation not outlined here

General Baseball Wagering Regulations

  • Games involved in Money-line wagers must go at least 5 innings
    (4.5 if the home team is ahead) to be considered action.
  • Run line and total wagers must go 9 innings (8.5 if the home team is ahead)
    and are always listed pitchers.
  • 1st half wagers must go 5 full innings and are always listed pitchers.
  • Wagers on suspended games do not carry over into the next day.
  • Las Vegas rules apply to any situation not defined here.

General Hockey Wagering Regulations

  • The game becomes official (action) after 55 minutes of play.
  • Goals scored during overtime are included for wagers on the game,

If a game requires a shoot-out to determine the winner, One goal will be awarded to the winner for the final score (regardless of how many goals scored in the shoot-out) which will be recognized for the total goals scored as well as the winning team.

Our Software

Our state of the art Agent Software Interface gives you the edge in your bookmaking business. Our software bundle allows you full monitoring and controlling capabilities by using the fastest processing software available providing a seamless integration between sports, casino and horses.
Your players will only need one account and their funds follow them to whichever program they wish to use. How does this benefit you? The speed and integration of our software allows us to grade games and move lines faster, keep a full grasp on your handles and players limits. This helps your players to have their accounts updated immediately. In turn this gives you the ability to run your reports as often as you would like to continually get all of your players balances and current action in real-time.
The features within our Agent Interface are:

Agent Position
This feature will provide you with the monetary exposure you have on all the games on the board for the week. It will show you a detailed report for each game, each sport on the money line, Point spreads, totals and additional proposition.

Open Bets
Shows all open or pending plays for all your active players. Also may be filtered by sport, type of bet and/or player name.

Displays all history for the players that you would have under your package. It provides the type of bets placed, date, amount, result and weather it was placed via phone or Internet. Also has a filter to show exactly how far back you want the players history displayed.

This option displays al of your players and their standings. It will show you the player, the credit limit, the amount wagered for the week, wagers at risk, current balance, amount wagered and won/lost in sports, in horses, and in casino. Also has a filter to show exactly how far back you want the players standings displayed.

Cash Flow
This feature will show you all cash transaction preformed on your players. It will provide the information by player, date placed, type of method, reference, description of the transaction, and the amount. Used for receipts, disbursements, and cash transfers.

Hold %
This feature will display the gross amount made by the agent from their players or sub-agents. It provides the percentage made from the player’s action by displaying a detailed report by player showing the type of wagers made by the player, the amount, the win or loss of the player for the week, and the hold percentage for the agent.

Position by Game
Very similar like the Agent Position feature but will display the monetary exposure by game reporting the type of wagers you have for the chosen game, the amount and players who have action on the specific game.

Action by Player
This is a full report of action taken on a weekly basis from your players. It will display the amount of action taken for that week, a breakdown of the type of wagers placed by the player and the amount of those wagers, any casino or horse action, along with the outcome for that week. Also has a filter to show exactly how far back you want the players Action displayed.

Hold % by Player
Similar to the Hold Percentage feature but displayed by a specific amount of players that you predetermine. This feature is useful for agents who wish to monitor the action on any amount of specific players.

Player Totals
This is a necessary report for any bookmaker. It will display the totals on a weekly basis for all your players with a breakdown on the pending wagers and graded wagers, along with the losses for the week and the Current and Net balance shown for the players account.

With this Feature you will control weekly figures compared with the agents and the sub-agents [if applicable] vs. the players weekly figures.  This feature gives the agent the option of knowing a daily detailed description of whatever was bet throughout the course of the week, showing the bets taken on a daily basis, weekly totals, and of whatever is owed to each corresponding sub-agent/players.  It offers information on pending amounts of players and agents for the selected week and current balance of each customer.  It also offers the advantage of selecting if the information provided will be for all the agents with his player or single those that had action for the selected week, besides being able to choose the type of action that is desired to show, such as: all action, sports only, casino only or horses only.  This Daysheet Feature also gives the option to change any of the Customers personal information through an editing interface selection.  Some additional functions available at your request.

This feature will show you the list of players and/or sub agents under your management. It allows you to edit the any personal information or configuration you may have your players or sub agents under, such as account, password, online password, credit limit, max wager, min wager, online max wager, online min wager, Account Status, Internet access, (Enabled / Disabled on Sports, Horses and Casino) etc.Handle Setup
Every now and then you may wish to have a special agreement with your sub-gents or players by giving hem a kickback or a percentage of their losses back on a weekly basis. This feature allows this to negotiation to flow easier for you. You may setup the specific players or sub-agents under this deal and setup the amount of the percentage you wish to return to them over their over all action. This feature will calculate the exact amount to be given back to them on the players chosen.

Line and Exposure.
The Line and Exposure Feature live lines and the current monetary exposure that you would have on each game shown to you by side, totals, money lines and propositions along with a detailed description of the status of each line for each game.

If you have a number of sub-agents that you work with you will also want to keep track of the action being taken from them and the percentage of their winnings on a weekly basis. This feature allows you to control and monitor this. It displays a full report of your sub agents and their players along with the corresponding percentage that each of them will receive on a weekly basis broken down for you on a daily basis

.Agent Exposure by game
This allows the agent to view the total amount of action per game on a per wager basis. This will display the game and the type of wager that your players have placed on them with a further detailed report of the players who have played that game, the time played and the amount.

Real Time Betting
Real Time Betting is an feature that allows the agent to view all incoming action on real time. This also comes integrated with personalized options such as refreshment time (time lapse between each time the information is refreshed on your screen), Bet History (allows you to choose how far back you wish to monitor the action), Wager detailing. It also allows the agent to key in a specific selection of players that he/she wishes to monitor. This is done through a selection interface where you may choose to monitor all incoming plays from all your players or a selected few which is done again, in real time.Real time betting also divides the range of the amount of the wagers in a color pattern for easier viewing and being able to quickly identify large amounts of wagers within a specific event.

About Us
Welcome to Mirage Lines. The leading online and telephone sportsbook with over 26 years experience in the wagering industry. Mirage Lines is a unique service offering outstanding customer service, unchallenged Software and Technology in the online gambling industry, and undisputable experience.

All this added up will get you the ultimate online gamming experience!
Mirage Lines offers clients the ability to bet on more sports offerings; more casino offerings; and more horse offerings, while you continue working with the same person you have for years, under the same terms you have for years.

Our goal is to provide our customers with an exciting place to experience the thrill of gaming in a safe and trustworthy environment, with real people, real business and real bookmaking solutions.